Previous editions

The ECFC 2016 follows a 12-year stream of meetings devoted to energy finance. Starting with 2016, the conference committee (Andrea Roncoroni, Alvaro Cartea, Rüdiger Kiesel) decided to enlarge the extent of the meeting to all energy as well as commodity markets.

Energy and Commodity Finance 2016 was held in Paris:

EF2015, was in held in London:

EF2014, was held in Erice:

EF2013, was held in Essen:

EF2012 was held in Trondheim:

EF2011 was held in Rotterdam:

EF2010 was held in Essen:

EF2009 was held in Kristiansand.

Previous EF conferences were held in Ulm, Oslo, London and Karlsruhe.